Specific development

Specific development


Phenobio has unique know-how in subcritical water extraction of plants. To distinguish you from competitors, Phenobio proposes an innovative technology to create added value for your product innovations.

Using your own raw materials or sourcing materials in a tailored manner, Phenobio works discretely and transparently, subject to a confidentiality and exclusivity agreement.

1- Feasibility study in the laboratory

Developing an extraction process in the laboratory consists initially in changing the extraction parameters to obtain extracts which are as concentrated as possible in the sought-after active compounds.

2- Pilot production

Then, one or more pilot tests are required to validate the extraction yields, the quality of the products obtained and the process parameters, and to obtain a plant extract on a larger scale that meets your requirements. A quality control checks and confirms the extract’s chemical composition and guarantees standardisation of batches. Our R&D team is perfectly equipped to meet all of your needs.

3- Industrial production

Phenobio has a partnership with a French company for the industrial development of the extraction process.