About us

About us

Innovate naturally

Laboratoire Phenobio develops, produces and markets innovative extracts and active compounds for the cosmetics industry, a sector which is constantly on the look-out for new natural active molecules.
The extracts developed, which have been scientifically proven for efficacy, are obtained through the use of energy-economic and eco-responsible technologies.

An ideal geographic location for quality plant raw materials

Phenobio is located in Saucats, near Bordeaux, in the centre of an area known for its extremely varied agricultural production. Thanks to this situation, it receives a constant supply of the plants used for its extracts.

The management team’s resolve to preserve natural resources prompted Phenobio to enter into an ecological approach to promote products from local farming.

The nearby Landes of Gascony forest and the Atlantic coast also ensure a supply of a wealth of wild plants, harvested with respect for biodiversity.

A responsive and human-sized company

Its passionate and highly qualified team is specialised in developing extraction processes, in chemical characterisation and in assessing the bioactivity of plant extracts.
In addition, Phenobio proposes its expertise in the field of chemistry and biochemistry of plant extracts, by offering customers turnkey project guidance to develop their products in accordance with regulatory, technological and marketing restrictions.


Laboratoire Phenobio was founded in 2012 on the basis of its two founders’ experience in the field of analysing polyphenols, for manufacturing companies in the sectors of Cosmetics, Pharmacy, Food and Health-Nutrition.